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Invest in the Highest-Rewards Safe Investment: Residential Real Estate

You want a safe place to grow your money. With savvy buys, an investment in real estate can net you higher returns than other low-risk investments.

It takes the right property, though, in the right location to earn those huge rewards. Partnering with a real estate investment firm that knows the real estate industry inside out is a must to ensure investment success. Because there are so many variables—changing neighborhoods, fluctuating rent prices, and home condition versus repair costs—you need a team that knows every angle of the business.

It’s not enough just to know the finance game. Only an agency that has experience with renovation costs, new construction, neighborhood assessments, and legal issues can help you find a safe real estate investment. An agency like ours—whose broad and deep experience in every facet of the industry.

  • Tax benefits: Once you find that agency, though, you have a lot to gain by investing in real estate. Tax benefits, for one thing. You can deduct the interest you pay on a mortgage, as well as all your property taxes, insurance expenses, operating costs, repairs, and depreciation. When you own stocks, you have to pay capital gains tax on the profits you make on every sale, as well as on your dividends.
  • Protection from inflation: In most cases, the rate at which you can lease your home, as well as home prices, rise at the same rate as inflation. The best part about that is, if you take out a mortgage to buy your investment property, your mortgage payments will stay the same. More money in your pocket. Equity prices, unfortunately, don’t rise along with the rate of inflation. Real estate, therefore, is the best bet among all your investment choices.

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